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Encore Dev Labs is a software development company that specializes in creating and scaling amazing web applications: whether the client is looking to create an iPhone or web app. The company works with the client to visualize, produce, and scale their application, becoming their partners in development and business. The company has been building iOS applications for a wide variety of clients in a wide variety of spaces.

About Ankur

Ankur Patel is an experienced web and mobile application developer specializing in iOS with a passion for making cool and innovative consumer apps. Ankur is a generalist who has worked with a variety of programming languages like C, C++, Java, Objective-C, C#, Ruby and Javascript. He has held multiple roles in big firms like IBM, Oracle and Goldman Sachs and has also worked in a startup called MyTime. Ankur is available for hire as independent contractor.

At MyTime he has implemented several features written in Ruby using Rails framework. He has also lead the development of the MyTime iPhone App which allows users to book services through their phone. The app was featured in the Apple's App Store on the day of the launch.

Currently he is working on an assignment working with Web Technologies and in his free time he is learning to master the new Swift language used to now develop iOS and Mac Apps and working on an open source project called Dollar.swift to create a functional tool-belt for Swift language.

He is also an author of the book, Learning Swift - Building an iOS Game, which teaches the readers on how to build an iOS game and publish it to the App Store. Several Swift concepts are covered in the game building process.

Specialties: Ruby on Rails, Objective-C, Javascript, HTML5, JQuery, Java, Git, Xcode, iOS Passbook, iOS Push Notifications, Mac OS X Safari Web Push Notifications, Backbone, Swift.


Ankur's Work

iOS Dev

Android Dev

Open Source iOS/Ruby Dev


Frontend Web/Backend Ruby on Rails Dev



Get in touch

Email: ankur [at] encoredevlabs.com

Twitter: @ankurpatel

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ankurgpatel

Github: ankurp


AdBlockr blocks those annoying ads in Safari and helps sites load faster and use less of your data plan on the go. It will make web browsing a lot faster in Safari. AdBlockr comes with a Live Chat so you can submit your request to remove specific ads or annoying content from a site that AdBlockr missed and an update will be released on regular basis.

NJ Bus Now App

NJ Bus Now is an app that lets you find out the Estimated Time when the next NJ Transit Bus will arrive at the Bus Stop. Now people can stop waiting for a bus and show up few minutes before the bus is to arrive.

Burd App

Burd is an arcade like game where the purpose is to guide the humming burd through obstacles and help it get to as many flowers as possible.


Mixtapp like mixtape lets you record your own tracks, create your own mixtapes and allows you to share them with the world. You can add upto 12 tracks to your mixtape and can create unlimited mixtapes. So keep creating and sharing. Checkout a sample mixtape.


This is a client's project where the company has build the backend API using Ruby on Rails and the App natively using XCode and Objective-C. Hashout is the best way to join the #conversation through video. Conversations are always happening around you, why not join in? Snap a quick video post to Hashout then share to Facebook, Twitter and your friends.

iNote Sketch and Share

Bring back the art of writing on a sticky note and posting it on the wall. Sketch, draw or jot down notes on a sticky note and share it with yourself or your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or e-mail, or save it on your device for later viewing.


Happenin' shows hot Travel / Nightlife spots, Great Outdoor / Arts & Entertainment events and top Food / Shopping venues. Basically, Happenin' helps you find things to do right now, happening around you or in a city near you!

Garbage Plate Finder

Garbage Plate Finder App for Greater Rochester, NY Area helps users find Garbage Plate Restaurants and Diners that offer a dish called "Garbage Plate."

Bar of the Day (Co Founder)

The Bar of the Day is a free service that offers exclusive specials to local bars for you and your friends.

Happenin' App for Android

Happenin' which was originally build for iPhone and iPad now works on Android. Happenin' shows hot Travel / Nightlife spots, Great Outdoor / Arts & Entertainment events and top Food / Shopping venues. Basically, Happenin' helps you find things to do right now, happening around you or in a city near you!

Dollar.swift - Functional tool-belt in Swift

Creating a functional tool-belt in the new programming language called Swift used to now develop iOS and Mac OS X Apps.

Github Project: https://github.com/ankurp/Dollar.swift

Apple Safari Web Push Notification Gem for Rails

Ruby Gem to help setup Apple's Web Push Notification feature in the lastest version of Mac OS X Mavericks on your Rails site. It comes with a generator that will generate required routes, controller, helper module and package template files to genereate a zipped package which it serves to Apple server when a request is made to subscribe for push notifications on your website. It also creates a controller which handle the request of adding and removing device token along with error log requests send by Apple's server.


iOS7 Messages App style toolbar that drops down from navigation bar when tapping on the UIBarButton item. Pod Spec: APDropDownNavToolbar

Avatar Image View

Subclass of UIImageView to create a circle avatar image view with configurable border width and border color. Pod Spec: APAvatarImageView

Todo List for Mac OS X

Todo List App for Mac OS X that allows you to quickly add items to the list and mark them as complete. Source code is available on github for others to learn from it and enhance upon this App.

Hello Reminder

Schedule text messages, automate phone calls, send postcards by mail and more to your contacts. You can use HelloReminder to send wedding reminders, send birthday reminders to your friends and family, or send your customers reminders about an upcoming appointment.

Website is responsive using Foundation framework and uses technology like Backbone, Coffeescript, Sass and Ruby on Rails.

Quickly Video Chat

Users can quickly chat with friends without logging into any account or installing any plugins. Uses WebRTC which is a feature included in the latest versions of Google Chrome.

Website uses WebRTC technology and the server code is written in Coffeescript using Express for the server and Jade for templating.


Responsive HTML5 website that lets you play the mixtapes creates on the Mixtapp app on any device include iPhone, Android or Desktop browser using the latest HTML5 audio tag instead of flash player.

Website uses Zurb Foundation CSS framwork for responsive layout and is built using Ruby on Rails on the backend. The front end is built using Coffeescript and latest HTML5 audio tag.


Worked on several frontend and backend features of the MyTime website one being the Favorites page along with the shopping cart feature.

Website is built using Ruby on Rails on the backend and front end is built using Javascript, CSS and HTML.

Bar of the Day!

Created the frontend and merchant dashboard to help signup bars and trigger automated emails to users subscribed to our mailing list. Bar of the Day sent out one bar deal, each day, that offered special discounts exclusively to Bar of the Day subscribers.

Website is built using Ruby on Rails on the backend and front end is built using Javascript, CSS and HTML.


HTML5 Annotations for webpages

Website is built using plain javascript and uses WebSQL feature in Webkit browsers.


Statusscout is real-time anonymous check-in aggregator. It displays check-ins from several sources on the map with a combination of gender info, looking for status, and the count of people at a given location.

Website is built using Ruby on Rails and uses Geo Location feature of the browser along with Foursquare Trending API.

Highrise (37 Signals) Widget

This Mac OS X Dashboard Widget helps you manage Tasks in your Highrise Account. You can view upcoming and completed tasks. Also add tasks, mark them as complete and delete completed tasks.

Widget is built using plain Javascript.

Dodgeball World Tournament

Broke the world record for the largest single dodgeball game in history! 2,000+ players!

Website is built using Ruby on Rails.

Learning Swift - Building an iOS Game

Co-Author of the book published by Bleeding Edge Press. In this book we, the authors, dive into the core of Swift and show readers how expressive and fun the Swift language is. Along the way you will learn how to create a 2D casual Pencil Adventure game that will help you learn the aspects of the Swift language (take a look at the source code: https://github.com/jocelynlih/SwiftGameB​ook). By the end, you will not only be comfortable with the Swift programming language, but you will be familiar working with Cocoa API's, having the tools and understanding necessary to tackle applications of any nature or size.


While working on the Senior Project at RIT, the company sponsoring the project filed four patents recognizing the team members contributions. The patents are listed below:

  • https://www.google.com/patents/US8738032
  • https://www.google.com/patents/US8774831
  • https://www.google.com/patents/US8774831
  • https://www.google.com/patents/US8738032